Scented Room Sprays, Essential Oil Mood Mists & Magnesium Oil Spray


ZELIGHT Collection provides will make your home and office smell amazing with our range of candles, diffusers, mist sprays and melts, you can choose the best product to suit your needs.


ZELIGHT has created a range of 11 mist sprays to suit our customer needs. We have our beautifully scented Room Sprays, including Japanese Honeysuckle, Prosecco Rose, Vanilla Caramel, Si Type, Sandalwood Vanilla, Rain Water, Citrus Delight. With just a couple of sprays, you will have a fresh, comforting new smell in your room – even the men like these ones!

Our Essential Oil Mood Mist range is made using quality essential oils. Essential oils are basically plant extracts; they are known for their therapeutic benefit. We have chosen 4 different oils that we believe are very beneficial to your health and can support you on a daily basis. Our oils include Breathe, Anxiety, Inspire and Sports Essential Oils. 

Breathe Mood Mist contains a superior essential oil blend that helps to eliminate bacteria and odours in your home.

Our Anxiety Mood Mist blend is known for its calming effects on the body and mind and ability to reduce anxiety. Customers have been using this one to assist with sleep – it works a charm! 

Inspire Mood Mist  can help to stimulate the imagination, promote productivity and to focus. Perfect to keep you going during those long working days.



Each candle is hand made in Sydney, Australia to ensure we support our local businesses and there is consistency in quality and communication with our customers.

All ZELIGHT candles are hand made using the finest quality of candle jars and products. ZELIGHT candles are made with pure Coconut Soy Wax. Our Coconut Soy wax burns slowly and cleanly and throws scent extremely well. Soy wax candles are a more environmentally conscious option than those made from paraffin wax.

To add to our quality products, we only use eco- friendly wooden wicks – we like it the natural way. Wood wicks burn slower and lower, which helps to accentuate the scent in the room. You will notice a little crackling sound; this is the sound of the wood slowly burning which helps to create a calm and soothing state. Ensure you trim your wick before each light to keep the flame low and the wax melting evenly. Our team at ZELIGHT have carefully measured and cut our wicks accordingly to fit each jar size, ensuring you get the most burn and longevity out of each candle.

ZELIGHT provide our core range of ZELIGHT branded candles, are branding is clean and simple. If you’re looking for a unique gift for birthday candles, wedding candles, fathers day gift, mothers day gift, anniversary gift, new baby candle or a creative, funny or quirky personalised candle pack – get in touch with us today.

We provide personalised candles with your chosen message or image. Simply choose your candle, font colour, font style and ZELIGHT will cover the rest. Some of our most popular personalised candles include; names, Happy Birthday, new baby birth date, Congratulations and funny quotes ‘Best mum ever... of an awesome daughter.

If you’re looking for a unique corporate gift, send us your logo and we can make a custom logo candle with a gorgeous gift box - the perfect corporate gift for your team. See our ‘Branded Candles’ for examples of some of the corporate gifts we have produced.